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We manufacture Leather for Shoes, Leather Goods, and Garments. Go through our website to know why we are one of the finest companies to work with for all your Leather needs.

Leather manufacturers

Manufacturing leather is an Art, and we are the masters in it.

Founders Note

Why Leather Products

Nothing adds richness to a room like leather. Natural leather is not only strong, durable and sustainable, it offers something that no other material can match – uniqueness. No two hides are identical. This means that your shoes, your bags – your project will be unique as well.

In the hands of a skilled craftsman, unique markings of each hide become celebrated features that separate sameness. Leather also appeals to the senses. It begs to be touched and over time and wear becomes more beautiful with age.

Making leather Beautiful
What we do

Our Services

Import & Export

We import Raw Hides and Wet Blue and Export Finished Leather to countries around the globe.


We trade in Leather and Leather goods to and for domestic and international buyers.


We also have an in-house leather agency that bridges the gap between buyers and tanneries.

Leather manufacturers

Our Core Products

Wet Blue

We have a large variety of wet blue made from hides and skins. in different weights and sizes. 

Raw Hides

Our Raw Hides come majorly from America, South America, and Europe. We import Cow, Buffalo, and Sheep skins.

Finished Leather

We export and domestically sell finished leather to shoe factories and leather goods manufacturers.