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We offer a wide range of products.

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Our Products

The beauty of leather is in its ability to be used at any stage of its life. At Karim International, we cater to clients who need leather at different stages. We supply Imported Raw Hides from America, South America, Europe and Asia to customers around the world. For customers that are looking to make finished leather from full chrome Wet Blue, we manufacture and supply animal hides in different sizes and weights. Another of our core products is exporting all kinds of finished leather made from cow & buffalo hides, Sheep skins, and goat skins that  can ultimately be used for making shoe uppers and linings. 

Over the years, we have also branched out to manufacturing leather goods like wallets, handbags,  duffle bags, and office bags. Making leather garments for women from Sheep polo and napa skins is also something our expertise lies in. 


Raw Hides

We supple a wide range of Raw Hides. We import hides of Steer Heifer, Native Steers, Kips, Baby Calfs, Sheep, Lambs, and Goats,

Wet Blue

We manufacture wet blue and sell It for the local markets of India. We also trade in imported wet blue from all over the world.

Finished Leather

We make finished leather of both chrome and vegetable leather. Our company specialises in Uppers and lining leathers for shoes.

Leather Goods

Right from leather wallets to handbags to office bags, we manufacture and export to companies across the globe.

Leather Garments

Our Premium leather garments are made with high quality sheep and cow leathers. We manufacture garments for men and women.

Leather Soles

When we make leather for shoes, we also trade in leather soles that complement the products in all ways.